Welcome to TCL!

The Computers Ltd. (TCL) was incorporated on 30 Nov 1983 and has since been engaged in Software Development, IT Education and Training, IT Consulting and Hardware Sales carried out by separate offices and divisions. 

We combine uniquely professional Accounting and Software Development skills and we use this blend of expertise to improve productivity and efficiency of Small Businesses in Bangladesh through Software and IT in general

Managing Director's Statement

Quality and Customer Care - our clear edge. That is the what we are driven by. Our vision is to (a) make our own home grown software "NIKASH" - for Accounting, "BHANDER" - for Stock Control, "MOJURI" - for Payroll, "STHIR" - for Fixed Assets Register, "BIKROY" - for Invoicing and VAT Computation the number one choice for SMEs and MicroSMEs and (b) be the leading training service provider in Project Management, CAD, Multimedia and ICT.